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Polystruder GR PRO R3 Lab Edition Plastic Shredder

Polystruder GR PRO R3 Lab Edition Plastic Shredder

The Polystruder GR PRO Lab Edition, crafted from durable stainless steel 316 for its structural frame and cutting blades, along with paintless aluminum and high-quality 3D printed parts for outer panels and components, delivers unmatched efficiency and precision in critical research applications. The design ensures that shredded material avoids contact with aluminum and 3D printed parts, safeguarding the integrity of research outcomes. For added safety, the laboratory-grade models feature a physical emergency stop button.

Building upon all the features of the Standard Edition, the Polystruder GR PRO R3 Lab Edition comes with innovative ShredAI technology. Developed in-house, this unique shredding algorithm dynamically adjusts motor speed and power to enhance efficiency and extend blade life, while real-time machine status monitoring ensures optimal performance and safety. With a robust ultra quiet 300W brushless DC motor and 19 stainless steel blades, it can efficiently handle materials up to 10mm thick and 100mm in length, including solid 3D printed plastic objects. The shredder offers a seamless user experience and enhanced safety through software update capabilities over Wi-Fi and a 3.2-inch touchscreen interface.

The Lab Edition comes fully assembled and ready to shred in 5 minutes, includes FREE SHIPPING to all US-based customers, and provides an additional one-year warranty, extendable up to 2 years worldwide!

Estimated delivery time for Lab Edition model: 5 to 8 weeks.

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Looking for Standard Edition?

Upgrade plastic shredding with Polystruder GR PRO R3 plastic shredder's innovative ShredAI technology.


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What is the average shredding speed of the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder?

The shredding speed of the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder depends on multiple factors, including the material type, thickness, size, motor speed, and more. However, when shredding objects that are 30mm in size, made of PLA with a 1.6mm wall thickness and 20% infill, the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder has a shredding capacity of approximately 3kg per hour.

Are the shredding blades user replaceable?

Yes, the blades of the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shreddercan be replaced by the user.

What is the maximum size of plastic parts that the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder can shred?

The Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder can shred plastic parts up to a length of 100mm.

Are there any limitations on the types of plastic that the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder can accept?

There are virtually no limitations on the types of plastic that the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder can accept. However, it's important to note that certain plastics with harsh additives, such as carbon fiber, wood, steel, and similar materials, can significantly reduce the lifespan of the shredding blades.

How much power does the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder consume?

The Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder features a highly efficient brushless DC motor with a maximum power draw capacity of 300W. However, on average, it consumes only 150W per hour.

How does ShredAI work?

ShredAI is an in-house developed custom shredding algorithm exclusively for Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder that operates by continuously monitoring real-time data such as motor power consumption, blade direction changes, and temperature. Based on this information, ShredAI makes decisions to automatically adjust the motor speed, optimizing the shredding speed for optimal performance.

Is it possible to shred other materials other than plastic?

We designed the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder to efficiently shred plastic waste. We do not recommend to shred any other material besides plastic. Using it to shred other material besides plastic will void the device warrantly.

What is the average dimensions of shredded plastic parts?

Average shredded plastic pieces varies between 3mm to 5mm. There could be some instances where some thin parts that as big as 30mm can fall in between blade spacers inside the collector bin. However we recommend shredding at least 3 times to achieve the more granular material size.

What is the average noise level of the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder machine during normal operation?

We conducted several tests during the shredding process and found that the average noise level is 62 dBA, with a maximum of around 75 dBA. The test was conducted using a black PETG plastic object. Please note that the noise level is generated by the crushing sound during the shredding process and may vary greatly between different material types.

Technical Specifications

  • Blades​

    316 Stainless Steel Blades

    10 Teeth on Each Blade

    1 Large Shredding Blades

    4 Medium Shredding Blades

    14 Small Shredding Blades

  • Mechanical​

    316 Stainless Steel Blade Shaft

    316 Stainless Steel Blade Spacers

    316 Stainless Steel Blade Inserts

    316 Stainless Steel Structural Frame

    Paintless Aluminum External Panels

  • Motor

    300W 24V BLDC Motor

    90:1 Ratio Gearbox

    Speed: 1 RPM - 10 RPM

    40Nm Maximum Torque

  • Shredding Capacity

    Minimum: 0.5kg/hr

    Maximum: 5.0kg/hr

    Optimal: 1.5kg/hr

    3 Liters Hopper Volume

    4.5 Liters Collector Bin Volume

  • Electronics

    Dual Core 32 bit MCU

    3.2in Touchscreen

    Wi-Fi Connectivity

    OTA Firmware Updates

    3 Safety Sensors

    1 Power Sensor

    1 Hall Effect Sensor

    Safety Relay

  • Power

    Input: 6.8A/115VAC - 3.4A/230VAC

    Output: 14.6A/24VDC 350W

  • Dimensions

    Length: 337mm - 13.2in

    Width: 288mm - 11.3in

    Height: 469mm - 18.4in

  • Weight

    28kg / 62lbs